In the Beginning…

Were All and Nothing. All looked upon Nothing and spoke, banishing it from their sight. As Nothing retreated the world grew to cover what Nothing left behind. Land, Sea, and Sky were born.

All looked and saw what Nothing had left behind and felt loneliness. All despised loneliness and so they spoke, banishing loneliness from their hearts. As loneliness fled life grew in its place. The life that grew was separate from All. These were the gods. All looked upon the gods where they stood and All were unsatisfied. They spoke, “We will create for ourselves a race to share with Land, Sea, and Sky. You will help us. Into these people we will pour our powers, our faces, and our loves. We will call them Humans and you will be their servants.” So it was said, and so it came to be.

For generations the gods served Humans as All commanded. Some Gods were ungrateful, they grew jealous. They attempted to create their own races but none could be rightfully compared to Humans, for these ungrateful, jealous gods lacked the love and the power of All.

The Ungrateful slew All and next turned its wrath upon the humans. The Humans and the Gods fought back the Ungrateful with their power and conviction. The Ungrateful were banished beyond Land, Sea, and Sky. Nothing returned and Humans knew Loneliness.


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